“The Problem of Susan” Cover Pencils

P. CRAIG RUSSELL: Finished pencils for the cover to our upcoming book from Dark Horse, Neil Gaiman’s “The Problem of Susan and Other Stories.” I’m doing a 26 page adaptation, script and art to the title story and a four page adaptation of Neil’s poem “Locks.” I also did script and layouts for his “October in the Chair” that Scott Hampton has completed some lushly beautiful artwork for.  Also included is an eight pager by Paul Chadwick of a story by Neil that has been floating about for some time and has found a happy home in this 64 page book.

Forty Stories

P. CRAIG RUSSELL: Just got back from the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum at OSU where I was returning and retrieving original art for our upcoming Jungle Book and Other Stories Fine Art Edition and met with curator Jenny Robb, seen here, as she was in the middle of installing their fortieth anniversary exhibition called Forty Stories. Here she’s standing by two of my pages to Neil Gaiman’s Coraline along with framed copies of my script notes and thumbnail sketches. I didn’t know they were going to be in the show so it was a happy surprise. Maybe I’ll see you at the opening on May first.