P. Craig Russell Vlog – The King’s Ankus

P. Craig Russell Vlog – The King’s Ankus from Wayne Alan Harold on Vimeo.

An all-new video with the story behind the mysterious missing ending to the original Eclipse presentation of “The King’s Ankus!”

The complete “Red Dog” will appear in our upcoming Jungle Book and Other Stories Fine Art Edition—now available for pre-order at a special price: igg.me/at/pcrjunglebook/x/718844

See more P. Craig Russell videos via PCR TV: vimeopro.com/waynealanharold/pcrtv

Road Trip

Meanwhile, Back In The Jungle

WAYNE ALAN HAROLD: Still working on restoring Craig’s original coloring for The Jungle Book. ​Just wanted to post a scan of a page of his “raw” coloring. This one is in surprisingly good shape, but I’ll still have to touch it up a bit. Getting these images onto my iPad Pro is making things easier—using the Apple Pencil really helps to streamline this type of workflow.

Preview Images From Virtuoso

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Virtuoso: A P. Craig Russell Adult Coloring Book is an 8.5 inch x 11 inch softcover book. There are 40 images to color, printed on one side of the paper only to eliminate color bleedthrough, with a total of 80 pages in the book itself. The paper is a nice, bright white, unlike the coloring books of days gone by. Pages are perforated so that your masterpieces can be removed from the book and suitably framed for public display in your personal art gallery!

“An awesome showcase of (Russell’s) unparalleled talent. I don’t often follow crowdfunded projects but this is one I’m proud to have contributed to without hesitation…and I was not disappointed. Bravo!” – Customer Feedback

This beautiful adult coloring book is now available in three different editions!

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