Blood and Souls for Arioch (2016) – Limited S&N Print by P. Craig Russell


“BLOOD AND SOULS FOR ARIOCH” is an ALL-NEW original P. Craig Russell illustration making its debut as a special SIGNED & NUMBERED LIMITED EDITION print! This superb piece is rendered in stunning, hand-colored mixed media. Image size is approximately 15X15″ with a white border on all sides. LIMITED RUN OF ONLY 35 PRINTS! All will be personally signed & numbered by PCR. Our fine art Giclées are printed with archival UltraChrome inks on 100% cotton acid-free rag paper. Available for a very limited time via the following:

Robin 3000 Revisited (Part 5)

Robin 3000


A page from the original Tom Swift 3000 version–later reworked as Robin 3000.

Robin 3000 Revisited (Part 4)

Robin 3000


This page showing a different view of my styrofoam constructed spaceship. My friend Tom Wood was the model for the villainous Dregon.

Robin 3000 Revisited (Part 3)

Robin 3000


I used the styrofoam blocks that are used in packing electronics to build a model of the space station to use for reference.

Robin 3000 Revisited (Part 2)



Dig the old school use of a xerox machine in panel one to stretch/distort a drawing. So very cutting edge.

Men At Work

WTGL Restoration


Using some strange hoodoo to extract the b&w lettering for “While the Gods Laugh” so that it can be combined with scans of Craig’s hand-colored originals . . . but at least it’s working. We might have to shoot a behind-the-scenes video detailing the process, because it’s kind of kooky!

You can still get involved with this restoration campaign via the following: “While the Gods Laugh Restoration Campaign”

Robin 3000 Revisited (Part 1)

Robin 3000

DC Comics just released a large volume of Batman Elseworlds stories which reprints Robin 3000 from 1992 so we’re going to run a few of the b/w pages (in no particular order).

House of Wax

PCR heating wax


Using a hair dryer to heat up the wax that was used to attach the word balloons to my set of photostats for the First Comics edition of “While the Gods Laugh.” A little heat and they peel right off. Why they attached them to the stats I have no idea but now they must be removed and affixed to transparent vellum overlays. The overlays can then be digitally combined with the original hand colored art.

Today we compared the two editions, Marvel and First, and noticed numerous differences in the lettering placement. We made notes on which placements we preferred and chose the best from each. Now we have a definitive version.

I’m so grateful that at least the production people at First Comics used wax and not rubber cement. That would have been a nightmare to remove 32 pages of word balloons. I’ve done it before. Again with the solvent. It’s not fun.

Learn the story behind the “While the Gods Laugh” restoration campaign and find out how to get involved:

Phantom Stranger Splash Page

Phantom Stranger Splash


Came across this the other day while searching for images for Robert Greenberger’s article on The Phantom Stranger. My inks over the great Mike Mignola from many years ago.