Finished Piece: Mélisande by P. Craig Russell


10×15” on blue paper with white highlights and ink wash. An original art reward created specifically for one of our generous Guide to Graphic Storytelling Kickstarter backers.

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Two Pics From Columbus



P. CRAIG RUSSELL: Two stops in Columbus a couple days ago. First at The Laughing Ogre bookstore to take a picture with the Sandman wall drawing when I was there last month and then onto the Billy Ireland Cartoon Art Museum at OSU. I was there to review all my work on deposit there prior to two of the curators (Susan and Wendy) shipping it off to Dark Horse Comics for their upcoming Artists Edition. Much of it I hadn’t seen in over 20 years and was surprised by all the other sketches and notes in the files that I’d forgotten about. Pictured is the art to Murder Mysteries, Human Remains, the Birthday of the Infanta, The Gift of the Magi, From Beyond, The Golden Apples of the Sun, Isolation and Illusion and Hellboy: Command Performance. The Spirit: Art Walk will also be included but isn’t pictured here. The staff at the museum is a delight to work with.

A New Look For Killraven


Finished Art

P. CRAIG RUSSELL: All-New Invaders #12, page 20. Out in a couple weeks. First image is my pencil layout for artist Marc Laming. The second shows my finished inks over his blue line pencils. Sorry I didn’t think to scan his pencil art before inking. At the time I did the layout we hadn’t decided on the new design for Killraven’s costume so I left that to writer James Robinson and Marc to work out. I also missed the part in James’s script that mentioned the Martian tripod in the background. Luckily I’d left just enough space for Marc to adroitly place it into the picture. This was the first time I’d inked over digital art printed out as blue line. If you look close you can see traces of Marc’s pencils still on the page.

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Neil Gaiman, author of the “The Graveyard Book,” didn’t have to think twice before choosing an artist to adapt the sweet and spooky coming-of-age tale into a graphic novel.

“It wasn’t like I had a shortlist,” Gaiman said. “I went to [P.] Craig Russell and said, ‘Craig, how would you like to do this?’ And he did. … The reason I love working with Craig is Craig knows what he’s doing and is so brilliant.”

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Salome Illustrated


P. CRAIG RUSSELL: Collection of illustrated editions of Salome in the library at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester New York. Final performance tonight. We made a couple of changes after the first viewing/performance on Wednesday. This form is so new the ideas for handling it keep coming. Great fun. Spoke to two classes of music students this morning. Smart kids. Good questions.