The Graveyard Book Graphic Novel (Single Volume Cover)

P. Craig Russell Inks Neil Adams

Inking Neil Adams

B&W Version:

Inking Neil Adams (b&w)

P. CRAIG RUSSELL: “In the summer of 1967 when I was 15 years old DC Comics premiered a new series in the 205th issue of Strange Adventures. It featured a new character named Deadman, with art by one of my favorite artists, Carmine Infantino. It was a terrific story and a strong lead-off for a new series. I could hardly wait until the next issue. Imagine my disappointment on opening the new issue and seeing art not by the great Carmine Infantino but by some new guy, some ‘never-heard-of-him’. What a let-down. My disappointment lasted all of two minutes, about as long as it took for me to wrap my head around Neal’s amazingly unique and fresh approach to drawing comics. Over the next few years I eagerly devoured his Spectre, Batman, X-Men series and assorted other one-shot issues. If you had told my 15 year old self that one day some 49 years into the future I would be inking a Neal Adams illustration I would have said you must be crazy. Then I would have asked “Is he still alive?” We sometimes forget how insanely young Neal was when he attained artistic maturity. Me, I’m still working on it.”

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Dreaming City Thank You Card


Proof for the “Thank You” card for our latest art restoration campaign. You can still get involved by pledging for the signed card, the Extras PDF and/or the “Battle” fine art print via the following:

Ariane and Bluebeard Page 4

P. Craig Russell's Ariane and Bluebeard Page 4

A page from P. Craig Russell’s Ariane and Bluebeard—newly restored by combining the artist’s original hand-coloring with new scans of his original line art. Ariane and Bluebeard Artifact Folios are still available to help fund our ongoing restoration and preservation projects:

Blood and Souls for Arioch (2015)

Blood and Souls for Arioch (2015)

An all-new hand-colored piece. Craig’s original art is 15 X 15″.

Stormbringer (2015)

Stormbringer color drawing

P. CRAIG RUSSELL: Final version of a drawing I had my first stab at 20 years ago. Here it is finished in colored inks, with some major reworking, ready for painting. Size: 14×21”. This scan is from a very small proof, which is why paper texture, etc. is visible.

The Graveyard Book (New Cover)

TGB Square

The finished cover for the hardback, cloth-covered, slipcased edition of the complete “The Graveyard Book.” This scan is from a small proof of the original hand-colored art.

Blood and Souls for Arioch (Detail)


‘Blood and Souls for Arioch’ (detail). Finished inks, pre-coloring.

All-New Elric Illustration by P. Craig Russell


Craig’s second original art reward for our currently running Dreaming City Restoration Campaign. If possible, please keep sharing the link to help spread the word:

New Graveyard Book GN Cover – Detail

TGB Teaser

P. CRAIG RUSSELL: Detail from the cover for the single volume slipcased edition of The Graveyard Book graphic novel. Starting the coloring tomorrow.