P. Craig Russell Ariane and Bluebeard Restoration – How To Get Involved


We are pleased to launch our SEVENTH crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the scanning, restoration and preservation of the original color art that P. Craig Russell created for his 1988 graphic-novel adaptation of Maurice Maeterlinck’s ARIANE AND BLUEBEARD.

More information on the campaign—and our great pledge perks—is at the following:


Hand-Lettered Fables

Fables art

P. CRAIG RUSSELL: Page one of a three-page Fables story I did for Vertigo three years ago. I drew in all of the word balloons on the original art even though it was to be lettered later on the computer. That left empty balloons and caption boxes on the original pages. So this past weekend, while I was in Virginia Beach visiting family, I gave the three pages to artist/letterer Galen Showman to re-letter on the originals. This way, if ever I sell the pages, the collector will have the fully finished piece, sans empty balloons. Looks better that way.

Original Doctor Strange Cover Art

Doctor Strange original cover art

From Wayne Alan Harold’s Tumblr:

And so it begins: For who-knows-how-long, I’m going to be scanning and archiving EVERY PIECE and PAGE of P. Craig Russell’s amazing artwork, scanning from the actual original art whenever possible. We’ll also be launching our first PCR Color Restoration Kickstarter campaign later this spring to help fund the meticulous restoration of Craig’s hand-colored projects from the 80s—starting with “Ariane and Bluebeard.” The pledge incentives are going to be amazing!

Stay tuned for more details on the first PCR Color Restoration Kickstarter campaign!

Portrait of a Tired Artist

P. Craig Russell

An added 2-3 week delay due to Chinese New Year—in addition to the “standard” 5 weeks of shipping via ocean liner—means that we won’t be getting the actual P. Craig Russell Sketchbook Archives in from China for a few months still . . . but the original art pieces for the limited Sketch Editions are all ready to be placed in the books when they do arrive.