Back From Columbus

Jungle Book original art


Columbus, Ohio. The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum at OSU. This is the original art for my Jungle Book stories, The King’s Ankus and Red Dog, which I haven’t seen in close to 25 years. I retrieved it for Wayne Alan Harold and it’s the subject of our next color restoration project.

“Last Call” To Get A Hardcover Sketchbook Archives

PCR Sketchbook Archives

The books have been printed, the Sketch Edition drawings have been created and now it’s the official “last call” for the limited quantity of books that are still available!

This epic hardcover volume gives you an as-yet-unseen look at the master artist’s actual drawing process with figure studies, character designs, expression and gesture studies and more. Every stunning illustration is meticulously scanned from Craig’s personal, private sketchbooks, and the artist himself provides illuminating background information and notes.

Standard, Signature and Sketch Edition books are now available for purchasing via Indiegogo. The signed and numbered Sketch Editions all feature an ORIGINAL DRAWING of The Sandman, Elric or Brunhilde by P. Craig Russell! Keep it in the limited edition book or display it proudly on your wall or in your gallery.

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Restoring Ariane and Bluebeard


In an all-new podcast, P. Craig Russell discusses the crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the restoration of the original hand-colored art for his graphic-novel adaptation of Maurice Maeterlinck’s ARIANE AND BLUEBEARD.

P. Craig Russell Ariane and Bluebeard Restoration – How To Get Involved


We are pleased to launch our SEVENTH crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the scanning, restoration and preservation of the original color art that P. Craig Russell created for his 1988 graphic-novel adaptation of Maurice Maeterlinck’s ARIANE AND BLUEBEARD.

More information on the campaign—and our great pledge perks—is at the following: